Do you ever feel you are "friends" with so many people on social media yet you are lonely in your real life? Scrolling, liking and commenting does not take the place of real interactions between Women. We need to see each other, laugh together, vent to one another and build each other up. Engaging in real life over a common purpose, like getting fit or gaining confidence through pole dance classes, is so beneficial to our overall health. Don't you miss those young adult friendships where you saw each other weekly or more and just talked and talked? No smart phones to stare at or DMs? Passing notes or waiting by the house phone to get a call and make plans? Some 90's nostalgia for you but the


As we come to the end of the year, we are reinstating our studio values and mission moving into 2020. This year, we chose 3 words that described what our studio was about and how we wanted our students to feel, our "pillars" so to speak: Escape, Engage & Empower. This week we will be discussing them and asking for your feedback/experience. Escape *When you come to class at Impulse, we want you to leave the stress, worries and responsibilities of the day at the door, a literal escape for an hour or so, just for you. *The reality is pole dancing is not a "typical" workout and we are A-OK with that! Escape the notion that working out has to look a certain way or be accepted by most. What is imp

How Building Confidence Can Help Fight Depression

Everyday we measure ourselves, asking if we got "enough" done. Everyday will not be satisfactory, especially when we are enveloped in the world of social media where most measurements of "enough" are unrealistic. Little by little, if you let it, your measurement of not "enough" will start to weigh on you heavily. The weight can feel defeating and you start to give up. Realizing this can be detrimental to your health and to the relationships with loved ones around you, sometimes it takes stepping out of your comfort zone to build yourself back up. To get the weight lifted by feelings of accomplishment, achievement and self love. Please enjoy this clip by one of our awesome instructors sharing

Studio Policies 2019-2020

Studio Polices & Etiquette New Clients: All new clients must fill out the New Client Paperwork, including the Student Agreement and Waiver, prior to participating in any class or party. No exceptions will be made. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. Participant Age: Classes are open to adults ages 18 and up only (Photo ID required). We are primarily a female space, male students must speak to us prior to attending to make sure everyone is comfortable and understanding of the class setting and goals. Scheduling: Please sign up online, as space is limited for safety and comfort. Should you walk in, we recc. you arrive 15 mins early for your waiver and payment. We canno

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