She Wore Perfume to Bed

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This story is being shared in an effort to reduce the stigma around Mental Health conditions that when left untreated can result in suicide. ============================= She wore perfume to bed, styled her hair as if each curl was important and was blessed and cursed with the figure of an adult Woman at the young age of 11. She was my best friend from about 3rd grade to 7th grade before her world began to crumble and she was sent back to El Salvador by her parents. Do you ever feel like a memory from your youth comes back from a smell or a feeling? Last year, I was given an expensive bottle of perfume for Valentine's Day which is very unusual

Why Can't I Pole Solo?

The other day, I had a window to have some solo studio time, which is rare. I went in with ideas and excitement but soon, little by little, one thing after another went wrong. By the end of my practice window, I was lying on the floor in my stilettos feeling defeated. Over the last few months, we've all been out of our "routine" and many of us have been trying to stay active at home but no matter the set up, it is NOT THE SAME. There are several things that make a group class experience out of the home advantageous, especially for pole. The inability to be distracted by the phone, children, pets, etc. puts you in the zone straight away so you can get out of your head and focus on being prese

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