Party Policies

We will make sure you have a great time at your party with Impulse! Please review the following safety guidelines and policies.

  • Timeline: You have a 15 min. early arrival window to get settled and checked in. We collect any remaining payments *before* we start teaching, please be ready so we can start on time. You also have 15 min. after your party's end time to gather any belongings, change or take some last minute pictures however our instructor does not teach during this time. Any additional time is subject to an overtime fee to be charged to the card on file at $75 for each additional 30 min. over the booked time and 15 min buffers. We do not allow for extra time to be added for late arrival so please be on time so we can have all the fun you paid for!

  • Reservation Changes: Any changes to your party reservation can be made up to a week in advance but are locked in thereafter, deposits are non-refundable without a week's notice of cancel. Should there be an emergency, we will hold your deposit for future scheduling, up to 60 days, or you may use it towards classes.

  • You are responsible for the party balance even if you are late or miss your party.

  • Safety: At any time if a guest is trying any move not instructed on, especially inverts (ie going upside down) we reserve the right to stop their participation. 

  • Please do not videotape your instructor.

  • Damages: Any damages, loss or theft deemed occurring in your party will be the responsibility of the host and the card on file from the deposit payment.

  • Payments: Any additional guests over the allotted number will be $29 each for the hour or $39 each for the 90 min, EVERYONE who attends counts there can be no non-paying guests not participating (unless medical reason with notice).

  • No children, minors, or significant others of the opposite sex, please.