What We Really Do in Pole Class

A PSA from Impulse Pole Dance: Don't be Fooled by Social Media!

Pole Dancing classes are a great way to gain confidence, strength and a whole new set of amazing, supportive friends. Despite what you might see on Instagram or Facebook, students in our classes at Impulse Pole Dance are most likely very much like you. Starting out of curiosity and hoping to be able to get a workout in from the process.

What gets shared and posted the most about on social media in regards to Pole Dance does not represent the majority. Our classes at Impulse Pole Dance promote a unique way for students to feel accomplished and proud, through learning spins, tricks and routines (primarily) on the pole. Even a basic spin takes strength & coordination to execute, but when it is achieved, the rush and excitement is instantly addictive. Class mates are eager to encourage and support one another and we often literally give one another applause after a difficult move is finally achieved.

If you are sitting at your computer, curious yet nervous to sign up, don't fret! The hardest part is walking in the door, and soon enough you will be feeling stronger and more confident than ever. Yes you will workout but more so, you will work on learning all the amazing things your body is capable of, with the right instruction, guidance and environment at Impulse.

Call us and our owner, Sarah will answer or call you back 813-325-1990

See REAL posts of students, teachers, classes and more on our Instagrams #impulsepoledance & #impulsepoledancebrandon and Twitter @ImpulsePoleStPete

YouTube link in clip below

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St Pete Studio
5508 Haines Rd N. 33714
(Next to Crossfit Skyway)
 Brandon Location
6037 Winthrop Commerce Ave
ste 225 (second floor)  33578
For more info on Brandon go to:

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