And She Called them her "Power Panties"

And she called them her “Power Panties”

If you haven’t started Pole Dance classes yet, but you have been doing some Insta-stalking, you might have noticed that the attire of pole dancers is not the norm as compared to other forms of dance/fitness. This is for both functional and fashionable reasons, you see in layman’s terms: skin sticks, fabric slips. So any trick or move that requires leg, thigh or abdomen placement means the skin must be exposed to execute it (OR YOU COULD DIE! I mean fall, or slip really). So, the lack of clothing is for safety really, truly and honestly. Side note---many beginner moves at Impulse are dance based and a full body suit could be worn, and the rise in popularity of “low flow” is a form of pole dance that can be accomplished fully clothed also (you must also like to sweat balls).

The fashionable side of pole dance “fitness” wear has grown exponentially over the last few years. Thanks to entrepreneurs like Cleo the Hurricane, who turn out the cutest hot pants in lighting speed to the hungry, chiseled arms of pole dancers around the world. Once you become a part of learning pole dance in a studio or personal setting you begin to build this unsurpassed amount of confidence. The pride you feel from accomplishing a new move or trick, the high you feel when you dance with a room full of other happy women all “Yassssss-ing” each other, it is such a boost of endorphins that the bright, bedazzled, bangin’ booty shorts are a no brainer as part of the persona you’ve now gained.

Hopefully, you now feel better informed about why pole dancers wear those tiny, loud shorts. Which brings me to my main point of this story. The confidence you gain in classes, inside and out, can and should roll into your daily, aka muggle, life, but how? It’s one thing to say and another to do. You can’t exactly wear your hot pants to Publix, well you can, but you probably won’t. Learning to Pole Dance is still very taboo, many students have to hide their participation even though there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself as a Woman, in whatever way that gets you there. Pole Dance classes bring together Women who may have never met otherwise and makes them feel a bond and connectedness through mutual respect and appreciation. We are not ashamed, but we understand the need for clients to maintain their privacy. Honestly, I feel that makes what we do even more special.

Now let us share our story of how one student brought her confidence she gained from class, into her real life without getting fired or blackballed. She was a very happy, outgoing newbie pole dancer with a passion for learning and asking questions. She worked hard and let her joy infect others in class with her, one of our favorite kind of students. One day, after class, she brought up how she wore her “power panties” to work when she knew she had a big day, like a presentation or an interview, and that she always felt extra ready and up for the challenge when doing so. She then explained her pole shorts were her “power panties” and let’s be honest, many of them could definitely double for underwear, lol. Under her slacks, she was full on pole dancer in some Cleo the Hurricane Galaxy hot pants! I like to tell students their booty is “out of this world” when they wear them--baddda bing! It may seem like a small thing but having that reminder on her physically gave her the strength to take on her day to day obstacles like the bad ass pole dancer she was on the inside!

We love seeing Women reach their goals and taking their new-found strength with them wherever they go. Our new motto at Impulse is, in life and pole, we “KEEP CLIMBING”! We look forward to sharing more student stories and meeting more of you who may have been on the fence. We have a space for all of you, and some magical “power panties” you can wear as well.

XOXO Impulse Pole Dance

PS When you are a pole dancer and you want to celebrate Halloween your way, you add google eyes and throw on your green hot pants. Photo is of myself, and video on Insta @impulsepoledance

Impulse Pole Dance has two studio locations in St Pete, FL and Brandon, FL neighboring Tampa Bay in sunny Florida. We started business in 2010 and have taught thousands of Women to pole dance. More so, we teach Women to have the stamina and confidence to KEEP CLIMBING in life and pole.

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