10 Things You Should Know before Your 1st Pole Dance Class

October 29, 2018

We know that Women interested in taking Pole Dance class have so many questions. What is class like, who takes classes, what to wear?! We asked our Impulse Pole Dance students to share their wisdom to those who have yet to take a class. Enjoy!


1. It's OK to Mess Up: Everyone makes progress at different speeds. No one in class is judging you or making you feel self conscious, Pole Dance is the exact opposite of that type of environment. 


2. Pole isn't Always Sexy: When you first take classes, you will feel awkward. Don't worry if the sexy stuff isn't speaking to you (yet), you can also take a more trick based path or various other styles that are not always "sexy". Finding your sexy often comes with building confidence and finding your unique style.


3. You'll Be in Class with ALL sorts of Women: A typical class attracts Women of various backgrounds, ages, abilities, and shapes. You will make friends with Women you may not have ever met if you had not been in class. 


4. Shaving can be Slippery: When you start learning tricks and need more thigh grip, you'll need short shorts and most prefer to shave their bikini line HOWEVER you may want to skip shaving your legs on pole days or even the night before as freshly shaved legs can make you more slippery on the pole.


5. There is No Special Power or Experience Needed to be a Poler: Most students start with little to no strength and build it class by class. Pole Dance is also not always about feats of strength or becoming an amazing dancer, it is about finding movement you can perfect as your own. 


6. Pole Dancing CAN make your booty grow! Also, Little Booties Matter. 


7. This Can be Your Thing, You Don't Have to Share It: Some of our students prefer to keep their practice private. This is totally your call, but if you feel certain family or friends will not support you and you really have an interest to learn, don't let that stop you. 


8.  Pole Dancers LOVE to welcome newbies and support each other! 


9. Heels are NOT required: Although you may one day fall deeply in love with yourself in pole dancer platform heels, you will never be forced to wear them. Bare feet or heels from home if needed are always accepted.


10. Pole Dancing CAN change your life, making you feel more free and proud of yourself. As a happier person, you can then become a better partner, mother, significant other, etc. 













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