Holy Snowballs it's Cold! 5 Tips for Poling in the Winter.

Hey Florida people! WE ARE COLD AND WE DON'T LIKE IT! Every year, we have a few months of cold weather break up the typical heat and humidity yet every year we can't seem to function, especially in pole dance class. Here are some tips to help keep your booty warm in the studio and poling through the Florida "Winter".

1. You'll need to wear a lot more clothes to class and warm ups will literally mean warm up so you can start to take off the sweat pants you are wearing. At our studio, we use this time as an opportunity to mix up our warm up game and have fun.

2. Don't let your skin dry out. Even if you don't moisturize regularly you'll want to start. Floridians live with moisture in the air for most of the year so naturally our skin is less dry but as the cold weather takes over, you will lose some of that moisture. Dry skin is no Bueno on the pole. Use a good lotion like Gold Bond at night before bed or in the morning. Everyone's skin is different and there are several opinions on this, but in general you'll want to avoid putting it on within a few hours of class time. There is also a grip aid made to add moisture to the skin, Dew Point, if you are so in need.

3. Your pole will be cold so you'll need to warm it up! Imagine your pole is being frisked and you are the officer. Either in warm ups, or on your own, you'll want to get the pole warmed up before your start to use it **that's what she said**. There are actually pole warmers on the market now, for us they would be silly with such few cold months but if you live in a cold climate check them out! Basically like a giant electric blanket for your pole.

4. Poling at home? CHECK YOUR TENSION! We care about your safety inside and outside of the studio while poling. If you have a pole at home, you'll want to adjust the tension when it gets cold ASAP. A small change from temperature can cause your pole to fail. The process varies depending on your pole brand and type of install, refer to your manufacturer instructions. The poles at Impulse are permanent or safety and do not need to be adjusted.

5. Never pull out your pole tricks when you are still cold. Cold muscles are not ready for the intensity of most pole tricks. Be your best advocate and listen to your body to prevent injury. Take more time dancing and flowing to help you warm up those muscles.

Sarah Murray is the owner of Impulse Studio, established in 2010 with 2 locations in Florida. She is certified from AFAA in group fitness and has completed pole certifications from Felix Cane/OC Pole Fitness, Pole Position and Aura. Graduating from a performing arts high school in dance and studying in college, when she found pole dance, she found her new passion. Questions? E-mail us and a member of our staff will answer within 24 hours

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