If I Had to Hang My Heels Up Today..

Last night in class, like many classes before, we had a new client who was excited yet hesitant and nervous. I talked to her prior to class on the phone, we went over what to expect, what to wear, when to arrive etc. all the essential info. She was a trooper, but ended up in a class full of established clients who all did an amazing job and really were serving up their sexy with the class material even though it was beginner level.


Despite her being strong, fit, and very beautiful, she was still intimidated and shy. This totally happens, in the 9 yrs we've been in business at Impulse, even if the material is basic, new clients can get overwhelmed when they see regulars rocking a fireman with the utmost power, grace and sexy. With my best coaching hat on, I reminded her of the others' experience, that they all started out feeling awkward, that she was doing amazing, etc. etc. But then something special happened...


It was the end of class and I thanked everyone for their hard work and for really putting themselves out there tonight. I thanked the new client again THEN THE WHOLE CLASS APPLAUDED FOR HER WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING!! She left happy and excited to try other classes, we talked about our 4 Week Intro to Pole Series which are typically all new clients.


Have you ever had a group of people straight up clap for you for just trying something with them? A group of Women of various ages and backgrounds just happy that you took their pole class?! Our students have become the most awesome part of our studio, their support, generosity, empathy, acceptance, joy, strength and openness makes me feel like if I had to hang up my heels today and stop pole dancing all together, it would be OK because we did great things. It's not all about nailing an insane trick or defying gravity, it's about making Women better Women, one class at a time.






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