My Son's Favorite Craft is Clitter

Kids say the darn-dest things, and one day my son exclaimed with the utmost pride how much he LOVEEED CLITTER when we were doing a craft project for Mother's Day. He went on to say clitter was his favorites and other (oh my god I wish I had my camera on my phone pulled up) toddler novelties about it. Let's be honest, he was totally on trend because glitter (or clitter has he calls it) is all the rage. Want to sparkle and shimmer more, why yes, all the yes!

I stay at home with my two small children and when I get to teach and dance, that is my Mommy breather time. It's a very special time, like nap time is for them : ) I've always wanted a child, or two, and after a loss in between them the last few years have been both joyous and strenuous but all in all, it's an immense blessing for me to be present for the moments like my son expressing his love for clitter ; ) or glitter.

We have some soon to be Mommas in our pole family and we are celebrating and supporting them this weekend with a "diaper jam". This is basically time to come and socialize and get some practice time in, in exchange for a pack of diapers or wipes. We hope you can join us, children are welcome at the studio for these gatherings!

St Pete location @2pm

5508 Haines Rd N


My son, Joseph in 2017

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