What "March Madness" Meant to Us

April 1, 2019

This year, we tried something new. Jumping on the bandwagon of a pole "challenge" on social media, we asked our students to post a clip or pic every week with the hashtag #impulsepoledancemarchmadness. In return, we would pick a winner and give away some classes, win-win.


Instead of scrolling through quickly after searching the tag, we found ourselves really appreciating every one that appeared. Especially those of our new clients, or those who maybe just made a profile to take part in this challenge, pushing themselves to be open and willing to be seen.


Instead of picking one winner, we will be giving away class(es) to ALL of them that participated because we are so very proud of every single poster! To all who took on this challenge, WE SEE YOU working hard, pushing through frustration and finding your joy in classes with us and we can't be more happy to share <3


We look forward to more great times on the pole together at Impulse. It's truly our pleasure!




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