Courage & Vulnerability

September 1, 2019

In a recent interview of the Hustlers cast, Jennifer Lopez gives props to Women who pole dance noting it takes a certain amount of courage to bare your soul and be vulnerable on stage. She then mentions the amount of power and strength that comes along with it. Not to glorify what can be a very difficult job, stripping is a lot more than dancing on the pole and taking your clothes off.


The ability to gain physical and mental strength from pole dancing without having to partake in the actual profession is immense. We've taught women who have to work up the courage to wear shorts in class, much less skimpy outfits. Some women wait months or years to even try a class. There is no shortage of reasons women are told not to pole dance, whether for recreation or not.


What can you do to be more courageous in your daily life? How can the strength you've gained on the pole, if you are a student, help you in the "real world"? Tell us your story or your dream in an e-mail reply for a chance to win free classes and anonymous shout outs on our social media.


Strong women lift each other up!




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