To Be Loved & Seen

September 30, 2019

On the weekends, I often spend the night at my Mother's house, the house I grew up in. My children are little and it helps to have the extra hands so I can do work on the computer and they still are given care and attention. As I was packing up my car to leave, I came across the one tree that I used to climb across the street as a child. I would climb it when I was upset, and I would wait there, staring back at my house, to see if anyone would come looking for me.


When we are children, all we want is to be loved and seen. "Mommy, Mommy, watch me?!" When we are older, does this need change or just get covered up by adult-isms? The need to be successful in a career, provide a better life for your family, etc. At some point, we forget the need that drove many of our decisions as children or young adults. Maybe we get convinced we are not worth love, maybe we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and don't want to be seen.


Ultimately, under all the layers of things we feel we need or want as adults, at our core is still the want to be loved and seen. Loved by family, significant others and ourselves, seen as a good role model or hard worker on the job, etc. Seen by yourself in the mirror as a person who is deserving and enough, whether someone comes after you when you leave or not.


Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone to realize you can find these things in unexpected environments, like a pole dance class. Little by little, you regain your self worth and start feeling like a happier person. Whether or not you are a student or just a reader, we encourage you to find your love and be seen, as you are deserving!





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