November 18, 2019

As we come to the end of the year, we are reinstating our studio values and mission moving into 2020. This year, we chose 3 words that described what our studio was about and how we wanted our students to feel, our "pillars" so to speak: Escape, Engage & Empower. This week we will be discussing them and asking for your feedback/experience.



*When you come to class at Impulse, we want you to leave the stress, worries and responsibilities of the day at the door, a literal escape for an hour or so, just for you.

*The reality is pole dancing is not a "typical" workout and we are A-OK with that! Escape the notion that working out has to look a certain way or be accepted by most. What is important is that you enjoy it and are moving your body.

*At Impulse we are a "come as you are" judgement free space. Escape the notion that you need to look, dress or behave a certain way to be a part of a pole dancing studio. You DO NOT!


If you have had classes with us before, how do you feel "Escape" has applied to your practice?


 Photo of instructor, Jade, at our Brandon Studio. We feel she is embodying the Escape in this screen shot from her freestyle video.



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