November 20, 2019

Do you ever feel you are "friends" with so many people on social media yet you are lonely in your real life? Scrolling, liking and commenting does not take the place of real interactions between Women. We need to see each other, laugh together, vent to one another and build each other up. Engaging in real life over a common purpose, like getting fit or gaining confidence through pole dance classes, is so beneficial to our overall health.


Don't you miss those young adult friendships where you saw each other weekly or more and just talked and talked? No smart phones to stare at or DMs? Passing notes or waiting by the house phone to get a call and make plans? Some 90's nostalgia for you but these are the relationships that felt most comforting and REAL, am I right?


We have had students meet and build bonds with other Women they may not have ever met outside of pole class. As Women, we need a "tribe" to be the best versions of ourselves, I truly believe this. Social media can help us spread our message, but it will never replace the value of warm blooded hugs, empathetic tears or belly laughs.





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