Level Awesome

December 30, 2019

 At a recent staff meeting we were discussing pole dance "levels". Not just what moves would determine a level 1,2, etc. student but how labeling a client using just a level may not be in line with our studio's values.


 Levels are used in pole sport competitions, but each organization has it's own guidelines. What one competition calls a level 3, another may call a level 5, and so on. The same goes for studios. So levels themselves are not black and white, or standardized in our still growing industry.


 What we value more at Impulse is the work each student puts into their practice and that we are giving them as much as they are putting in. Class time that feels like an escape, not a measurement, is our goal. We will still use the general Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced titles as some classes require them for everyone's safety but we want all our students to know that their primary level is AWESOME with a side of KICK ASS whether they are working on their fireman spin or Iron X.


Consider the number on the scale, the number of likes on your Instagram or the number in your bank account, they all fail to define who you are as a person.

((Photo of one of our amazing clients))



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