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March 11, 2020

I don't watch the news, but I see the stories online and empty shelves in stores. It definitely gives you the feels. There is no joking about a serious virus that has killed many people. This isn't an email you will see funny memes in. People's loved family members have passed away and there is no sadness greater than losing a loved one, especially sooner than expected.


We are also not going to remind you to wash your hands, while signing Happy Birthday twice or the hook of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" (we suggest the latter). We are however going to remind you that STRESS CAN DECREASE overall well being including your immune system that fights the cooties!! We highly recommend you continue your stress relieving habits for good health especially through this very stressful time. 


Our students are enjoying class, sweating, laughing and getting their bodies working while taking their minds off the Corona virus. We have survived storms, property damage and loss, power outages and flooding. We are Floridians! We will get through this!


Judging from the palm trees, I think Joanna is from Florida, too. She is living that stress free prancer-cise life!


Keep Clean & Sexy and we will see you in the studio <3

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