COVID Precautions @ Impulse Studio

At this time, we do not plan on closing the studio for any period of time. We will hold normal group classes as long as we meet class minimum sign up requirements of 3 people per class. We understand this is a stressful time and we want to make our students feel safe in our space to keep it an escape from the stresses around them. We will be instilling the protocols below to help minimize our contact while still experiencing the benefits of attending class.

* At this time, spotting will be limited in classes and tricks classes will feature more conditioning and heads up options. Students who are comfortable inverting without a spot, or using the mat only are allowed to. We will clean the crash mat between each use.

* We encourage and request students and teachers to wash their hands or use sanitizer before starting class. We have hand sanitizer available to use.

* We encourage students to bring their own Yoga mats for stretch class, if possible. Or clean their mat with alcohol or our disinfectant spray before and after use.

* Please limit the amount of personal items brought into the studio and onto the studio floor. Keep all bags, shoes, clothing in the cubbies. Your phone is like a third hand, make sure you are cleaning your phone as part of your hygiene routine.

* We will be increasing the number of spray bottles to minimize shared items such as this.

* We do not share towels, but you may bring your own if you like.

* We are not a studio that double books poles, so this is not a concern. We will not be doing any partner work at this time as well.

* We will be using a bleach solution to spray down our restrooms before and after class.

* Please bring your own water to class, as we will not be using the refrigerated water jugs at this time to cut back on shared items.

* If you are sick, please stay home. You can email us at for a release of your class credit to be used for a future sign up or makeup option if you are in a Session. If you are in class and sick, your teacher may send you home.

Here is the "good" news, our studio is built on the tenant of a small class size for the best class experience. We do not have many shared items in normal protocol and the changes we are making should not affect our class experience. The goal of social distancing is to minimize the amount of exposure to both healthy and compromised individuals. Keeping that in mind, we want to remind everyone to stay active and positive through the hysteria. Whether you are coming to class or not, exercise is beneficial to the immune system and overall mood. Get those endorphins pumping and take some deep breaths. Eat well and get rest. These are good rules to live by.

If you have any questions or needs at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Sarah & The Impulse Team


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