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* We require students and teachers to wash their hands or use sanitizer before starting class. We have hand sanitizer available to use but if you do, too please use yours as we have limited amounts as well.

* Masks are welcome, but not required. We may have disposable masks for you to purchase if you like, for $3. Teachers may be wearing masks at their discretion.

*At this time, spotting will be limited in classes and tricks classes will feature more conditioning and heads up options. Students who are comfortable inverting without a spot, or using the mat only, are allowed to perform inverted tricks. We will clean the crash mat between each use.

* Stretch class will be primarily virtual for now to reduce our use of shared items like mats (this class is also typically larger).

* Please limit personal items brought into the studio. Keep all bags, shoes, clothing in the cubbies. Your phone is like a third hand, make sure you are cleaning your phone as part of your hygiene routine.

* Everyone will have their own alcohol and pole towel, if you prefer to bring your own, you are welcome.

* Our class size has reduced to stay in line with spacing protocols, so we cannot allow any walk ins. Everyone must register online, ahead of class time.

* We will be using a bleach or lysol solution to spray down our restrooms, cubbies, entryways, etc. before and after class to keep the space as clean as possible. We clean the poles with a high % of alcohol and we will be letting it stay on in between classes. Students may choose to spread out their personal items in additional cubby space.

* Please bring your own water to class, as we will not be using the refrigerated water jugs at this time to cut back on shared items. 

* Our cancel policy has updated to 8 hours notice of cancellation to avoid loss of class credit. If the class was a “free with Membership” class, there is a $15 late cancel fee.

* If you are sick, please stay home. If you are in class and sick, your teacher may send you home. In this case, we would early cancel your credit so you can participate another time.

* Virtual classes will continue with a decreased schedule for those who are not comfortable coming back to class just yet. Look for the word ZOOM before the class to recognize those options, which will remain at $10 and be on and off the pole.

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