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Our Story

We knew something was missing.

Our founder grew up in dance classes, went to performing arts high school and danced in College, although she felt very passionate about dance as an art form and fitness regimen, she felt that the options for everyday Women, not in a professional program, were few and far between until she discovered Pole Dance classes in 2007 in the newspaper. Yes, the NEWSPAPER. After years of training she soon started teaching as well.

Finally something that helped adult Women feel Sexy, Confident and Strong!

In 2010 we opened our first location in St Pete, FL and in 2012 our second in Brandon, FL. We now offer classes 6 days a week with a team of 20 amazing instructors from all backgrounds with the same passion, to help our clients feel happier in their own skin.

In our 14th year in business we are embracing our current values to help our clients meet their goals: Worthy, Willing & Wild

We look forward to dancing with you, soon!

Still not sure? Google us and see all our dazzling reviews, then come back and sign up to start your pole journey in 2024 with us.


We have clients from 18-60+ years of age

Heels are always optional

Come as you are no required sexy clothing

Progress at your own pace

No pressure to compete or perform, ever

Loving yourself is not selfish, it's self care

Every Photo on our Site are of Our Students

Impulse Pole Dance est. 2010

Some of our Awesome Students

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